Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another Casino Refusal to Pay Slot Machine Jackpot...Phony Cheating Allegations?

Ernőné Marics, a very sexy Hungarian woman, thought she won a €25,000 jackpot at Casino Sopron in Budapest Christmas Day. But she is still waiting for the casino to pay her jackpot. Why the wait? Same old story: Casino Sopron claims Miss Marics somehow cheated, and if not, then the slot machine was out of order.

Looking at the sexy Hungarian, about the only thing I can think of that she cheated on is either her husband or boyfriend, as casinos would be full of men eager to hit the jackpot with HER! I surely would have loved to have her on my casino-cheating team!

As for the cheating allegations, Miss Marics told a Hungarian newspaper, "I own Hungary's most expensive wine. Why would I need to cheat this casino?" She said she was very upset. She then said that when she went to collect her jackpot, the director of the Sopron said there wasn't sufficient cash in the casino cage to cover it. (Who seems like it's doing the cheating here? Then the casino had the audacity to tell Miss Marics that she would be paid the jackpot money no later than December 27. She was given a promisory note to that effect along with a bottle of wine. (Like she really needed the wine!)

But when she returned to the casino on the 27th to cash out she learned that her membership card to the casino had been revoked and she was officially being accused of having cheated the slot machine. Then when that didn't go over too well, casino officials said the machine she'd hit the jackpot on was new and not functioning properly, its random number generator hitting too many jackpots at random, whatever the hell that is supposed to mean. Finally, the casino said it would have the manufacturer examine the machine to determine if or not it was faulty, and if not they would pay Miss Marics the jackpot.

The woman said she'd been loyally playing at the casino for fifteen years and nothing out of the ordinary ever happened when she hit smaller jackpots on the Sopron's slot machines.

My take: For those of you who don't remember, the Casino Sopron was the original victim of the Hungarian cheat trio who scammed roulette tables using laser devices in cell phones to clock the spinning wheel. That same team then went on to scam the Ritz Casino in London for $3 Million, and got away with the cash when a British court ruled that they were not guilty of cheating. These roulette cheat incidents may have made the Sopron Casino paranoid about cheating, thus their negative reaction to paying a slot jackpot that seems to me rightfully won.