Saturday, December 04, 2010

The Biggest Poker Scam of All-Time...Does the TV Show "High Stakes Poker" Insult Your Intelligence?...It Should!

Do these clowns look like they´re really gambling?
This is because the Game Show Network's (GSN) flagship show "High Stakes Poker" is the biggest poker cheating scam in the history of poker. It FAR outdoes the infamous UltimateBet online poker cheating Scandal engineered by ex-WSOP Main-Event Champion Russ Hamilton.

Why am I saying this?

Well, I'm gonna keep this short-winded. The entire show is full of shit. There is no REAL money changing hands in spite of the mountains of $5,000 packets of genuine $100 bills you constantly see on the table. Negreanu, Hellmuth, Farha, Gold and all the rest of those jerkoffs on the "set" (remember, that's what it is, a TV set, not a real poker game) are paid handsomely for their ongoing skit and benefit even more for all this free publicity. The GSN network benefits as well as it reaps huge advertising revenue from the super-high rated show.

If you believe that "High Stakes Poker" has a single iota of integrity, you are a bigger jerkoff than Negreanu and the rest of that crew!

Read my Flush Magazine article on the "High Stakes Poker" show here.

So, What's Up With All the Hoopla Over the Poker Cheating on ABC's "No Ordinary Family" TV Show?

I will keep this post short, simply--and nasty!

"No Ordinary Family" is a new American television series starring Christina Chang and Tate Donovan that airs on ABC. It is a one-hour sci-fi comedy-drama that until its last episode, "No Ordinary Anniversary," had nothing to do with poker cheating. Now that poker cheating scenes have made it to the episode, everyone and his or her grandmother want to know what I think of the realness of these poker cheat scenes.

My response--simple, short and nasty--is that just like the show itself, its poker scenes are nothing more than sci-fi and comedy. I certainly cannot take any of the drama seriously. The poker cheating scenarios are all bullshit and not worth mention on this blog--so please excuse me for having done so!

Friday, December 03, 2010

One of World's Greatest Roulette Mechanics and Scion of Legendary Italian Casino-Cheating Family Inducted into Poker Cheats and Casino Cheats Hall of Fame!

Fabrizio Renzi was born with casino cheating in his blood--literally! His father, Armando Renzi, was a casino cheat, and so was his grandfather, Vittorio Renzi--and so were a dozen uncles and aunts. Getting the picture? Fabrizio Renzi came from a long line of casino cheats whose specialty was, and still is, roulette pastposting.

Fabrizio was born in 1949 in Palermo, Italy. As is customary in Italian familes living on the island of Sicily, the son followed in the father's and grandfather's footsteps. Veterans on the European casino-cheating turf, especially that of Monaco and throughout France, Armando and Vittorio taught young Fabrizio in the roulette-wheel trenches. You might say he learned with an iron hand--and he learned well. Before too long he became both a proficient wheel mechanic and claimer. He was also a charmer, probably the most charming casino cheat of all time. In fact, he was so charming that he used these abilities to seduce heterosexual male casino bosses into paying his pastposts without suspicion.

Unlike his father and grandfather, Fabrizio was very cultured and well-spoken--in several languages. After learning the bread and butter move of the family's casino-cheating arsenal, the roulette slide, Fabrizio perfected it at about the same time he took over the Renzi pastposting team upon Armando's retirement. That roulette move is considered the second greatest chip-manipulation casino move after Richard Marcus's heralded Savannah move. The roulette slide was developed by Vittorio in the 1950s, improved substantially by Armando in the 60s and taken to the hilt and internationalized by Fabrizio in the 70s, 80s and 90s. It is still being done by Fabrizio's son, Luigi, who we might one day see in the Casino Cheats Hall of Fame as well.

The beauty of the roulette slide move was that it allowed longtime exposure at roulette tables without taking heat. It was that ultimate rare move that could be done time and again on the same roulette table, often amassing a dozen or more payoffs there before the Italian cheat team moved on--often to another table inside the same casino. When Richard Marcus ran into Fabrizio's team in 1977 at Harrah's Casino in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, he saw their move but could not quite figure it out at first glance. Nor could he figure it out at second, third, fourth or fifth glance. It actually took Marcus 15 years of intermittent spying on the Renzi cheat team to figure out exactly what the slide move was. When he did, he was impressed more by this move than any other move he had ever seen or heard about. Over the years he would run into Fabrizio and his team and spy on them whenever he could. He marvelled at their slide move each time he saw it. When the two teams were aware of each other's presence in the same casino location, they would draw up a truce, dividing up that area's casinos: "these for the Renzi team, those for the Marcus/Classon team."

Fabrizio Renzi retired in 2002, leaving the "family business" to his son Luigi. What his legacy in the casino-cheating world is most recognized for is the carrying out of a move that literally withstands the passage of time. Despite modern casinos' state of the art surveillance systems equipped with digital cameras and highly developed software technology, Fabrizio Renzi proved (and his son Luigi still proves) that the hand is always quicker than the eye--and the camera.

No matter how much surveillance technology improves in the coming decades, it will never stop the Renzi's famed move from cheating the world's casinos out of millions.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Hollywood Movie Star Inducted into Casino and Poker Cheats Hall of Fame!

Ruthie Berin is the fifth woman inducted into the Poker Cheats and Casino Cheats Hall of Fame. She is also the first Hollywood actress to receive the honor. In fact, had she not been a casino cheat, she would never have become a Hollywood Actress, as you will soon read.

Ruthie was born in Texas in 1943. She grew into a wholesome Texan beauty who gave up working on her family's farm at seventeen to become a model and dancer. In 1964 she moved out to Las Vegas and joined the Lido extravaganza at the Stardust Hotel and Casino. She quickly became one of the show's best dancers and main attractions. One night after the show she met Hall of Fame Casino Cheat Joe Classon at a Strip saloon. She was intrigued by Classon's strong personality and good looks and accepted a date with him. When she found out that Joe had his own Strip extravaganza, mainly scooting in and around casinos and then out with loads of pilfered cash, Ruthie quickly advised Joe that she might be able to pirouette around casinos and come out with the cash as well.

Joe loved the idea of having a beautiful and charismatic woman claiming casino cheat moves, especially at roulette tables where most women gamblers spent their time and money inside casinos. He knew that Ruthie would be able to charm the pants of pit bosses who would all be willing to pay her claims on pastposted roulette bets. As Vegas casinos in the 60s were completely dominated by male bosses with big egos, Ruthie would slither up to them in the pits doing a Marilyn Monroe swirling-dress number each time she noticed their hesitation to authorize the dealers to pay her claims. She would whisper into their ears with her hot breath, practically promising sex to the enraptured bosses when her evening of gambling was done. Of course they paid her nearly every time and of course she never delivered the sex. She just blew them kisses as she danced around roulette pits collecting $3,500 and $7,000 payoffs.

Ruthie became so enamored of her "new" Vegas dance show that she quit the Lido at the Stardust. Besides, she was making more money claiming Joe's pastposts. She was so good that Joe brought her to the craps tables, where women usually stayed on the arms of high rollers, and had her claim craps moves. The stickmen and boxmen on the craps tables couldn't get enough of her. She was admired by casino personnel much the way Sharon Stone's hustling character was in the film "Casino."

And "film" was her ultimate destiny, much to the chagrin of Joe Classon. New Year's Eve, 1967 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas marked the beginning of Ruthie's acting career. Joe Classon had just pastposted two $100 chips on number 13 after the ball on the spinning roulette wheel dropped into that corresponding number slot. Ruthie, ravishing as usual, decked-out in her revealing cocktail dress, danced and sang her way to the $7,000 payoff. The pit boss who authorized the payoff surely thought he was gonna start the new year off with a "bang" after Ruthie hugged and kissed him, and even rubbed his sex organ.

Unbeknownst to Ruthie and Joe, a successful Hollywood movie producer was sitting at that roulette table when the move and claim went down. He happened to be an experienced gambler as well, and he saw Joe pop in the move and understood immediately that Ruthie was his partner "acting out" the claim. The producer was quite taken aback by her performance and said to her, "Where have you been all my life?" He gave her his business card and told her to call him the following morning in Hollywood. She did, and that very afternoon flew to L.A. and had lunch with him. That evening, she called Joe back in Vegas and told him both their relationship and her casino-cheating career were over.

13 really proved to be Joe Classon's unlucky number.

Ruthie went on to become an internationally-known movie actress in the 1970s, although she was never quite a top star. Of course "Ruthie Berin" is not her Hollywood name and of course you want to know exactly who she really is. Sorry, but that information cannot be given out for reasons of potential libel lawsuits--unless Ruthie one day gives permission to make her pre-Hollywood career known.

Richard Marcus Casino Game Protection Training Seminars and Workshops Now Available

Attention Casino Executives:

If you want the typical game protection consultant, DO NOT hire Richard Marcus. He DOES NOT give you the tired Power Point presentation accompanied by surveillance footage you have already seen. He DOES really train you and your staff how to catch cheats, advantage players and dishonest employees as well as show you how to keep them out of your casino. If that interests you, then HIRE Richard Marcus.

He is the REAL DEAL...not one of the numerous magicians and card-tricksters out there calling themselves game protection consultants. They are phonies. Richard Marcus has DONE and SEEN it all. Remember, casino cheating has absolutely nothing to do with magic or sleight of hand. These people show you a few card and dice tricks to convince you they are experts at cheating. The truth is they wouldn't know a casino cheat if they tripped over one.

Read more about Richard's Casino Game Protection Training Courses and Seminars here.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

LockPoker Adds SharkScope Player Stats in Enhanced anti-Online Poker Cheating Application

The online poker site, which is a part of the Merge Poker Network, is scheduled to launch its new Player Dashboard that is now featuring SharkScope’s very well-received advanced player stats, which is intergrated directly into the client. LockPoker CEO Jennifer Larson states that you as the player can "view your own stats, search for your opponents stats, shop at the Lock store, and much more all within the same secure application. Lock is the first and only Poker room to develop a unified tool like this. One of our mandates as a company is to provide a superior online poker experience. We are determined to take this industry by storm and innovate in every possible way we can. The player comes first at Lock and that will always drive our business development."

This sounds to me like a significant move in the online poker industry's continuing battle against online poker cheats, which has intensified over the past few months, which have seen concentrated bot and collusion rings operating out of China and Korea.

LockPoker began its anti-online poker-cheat war when it hired successful professional poker player Eric "Rizen" Lynch as its vice president of product development. Now by incorporating SharkScope, has really sent in the reinforcements to the online poker-cheating battlefield.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Online Poker Cheating Problems For Rival Gaming

Rival Gaming was once lavished with words of praise like innovative, best new slots, casino games of the future and these are just a few select praise I found. But these days Rival Gaming’s casinos and games are described as “cheaters, thieves, liars, boring, worst games available and much more. So what happened to this once sought after casinos? Sometimes too much of a good thing can kill you and that’s what’s happening to Rival casinos and their once highly popular and recommended casino games.

All you have to do is visit a player’s forum and read the remarks coming out of gamblers about numerous different Rival Casinos to see that there are huge problems and no answers coming from Rival representatives. One complaint that was just posted this past week is about a player from Slots of Fortune. This player took their welcoming bonus and its 50 times play through and actually won enough to cash out over $1000. He was then informed that he would not get paid his cash out and they were returning his deposit with charges that he cheated and played the bonus wrong. They said that his betting techniques were cheating because he bet high until he won, and then bet low until he met the wager requirements. Can you believe this? Not only are they trying to tell the player HOW they can bet, but also they are trying to dictate when he can raise or lower his bets on a slot machine? Besides this absurd event, there have been other issues with many Rival casinos including, “missing symbols on slot games, non payment of progressive jackpots and so many other issues it’s safe to say that we highly recommend staying away from any unethical Rival casino. The ONLY Rival casino we recommend is Sloto’Cash. They have been outstanding in the online gaming community when all their Rival competitors have fallen short.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Well-Known Professional Poker Player's Wife Inducted into Casino and Poker Cheats Hall of Fame!

Debbie's husband David "Rabbi" Danheiser
Deborah "Debbie" Heidekrueger is the fourth woman inducted into the Poker and Casino Cheats Hall of Fame. The longtime wife of professional tournament poker player David "Rabbi" Danheiser, Debbie was born in Chicago in 1951 and moved out to Las Vegas, Nevada in the late 1980s after having been found guilty of a financial crime by an Illinois court. As a recent arrival to Sin City, Heidekrueger did not waste much time learning the trade of cheating at gambling. She began as a poker cheat working collusion teams on Vegas's and Reno's poker tables before taking her act to the Caribbean and finally Atlantic City when the New Jersey gambling town legalized casino poker in the early 90s.

Heidekrueger seemed destined to remain a lifelong poker cheat but then in 1992 she met Mark "Balls" Abramowitz during a poker collusion cheat trip in Aruba. Abramowitz, also a Cheating Hall of Fame inductee, was at the island resort working the blackjack and craps tables. He also played poker on the square whenever he took breaks from cheating the casinos. It was in one of these cash games that he caught on to Heidekrueger's collusion team working the game he was playing in. Balls found the heavyset blond woman interesting and decided to approach her.

The two quickly formed an amicable relationship, and Balls even more quickly suggested to Heidekrueger that she join his own cheat team as a claimer. His reasoning was in direct contrast to the usual beautiful female casino cheat who could play on male casino bosses' egos to get the money off the tables. He figured, Who would ever suspect a very large woman to be a casino cheat?

He was right! After instilling confidence in a very shaky Heidekrueger, he managed to get her to claim some roulette pastposts he put in on the wheels. But this did not come easy. In one particular scenario with a black $100 chip successfully pastposted straight-up on a number waiting for a $3,500 payoff, Debbie froze up on the claim. An enterprizing guy wearing a ball cap who had absolutely nothing to do with the move took advantage when a pit boss came over to the roulette wheel and asked whose $100 chip was sitting on the winning number. The casino ended up paying the guy the $3,500 that Heidekrueger whould have been paid had she opened up her mouth.

But Balls did not give up on her. After a year of her successful roulette claiming he decided it was time to teach her the blackjack ten-oh-five move. Although she did not have the smooth buttery fingers and hands that most casino-cheat mechanics have, she managed to learn the basics of the move--and then developed the balls to lay it in and claim it all by herself. Her first successful lay and claim of a blackjack pastpost took place at the Tropicana casino in Las Vegas in 1993. From there it was smooth sailing for the large female pastposter. She really took off when the new MGM Grand opened in Vegas in early 1993. During several championship boxing matches staged there, including those featuring George Foreman, Heidekrueger TKO'd the tables, perforing more than a hundred ten-oh-fives and fifty two-thousand-twenty-fives (yellow $1,000 chips switched in for green $25 chips) at the MGM Grand alone. She hit other Strip casinos in Vegas and then Balls took her on the road to Atlantic City, the Caribbean and Europe. Heidekrueger became the most successful female blackjack mechanic in history, substituting matronly charm for a lack of sex appeal to workover the pit bosses who just loved paying her pastposts.

But then she got greedy. During the Memorial Day weekend of 1993, Heidekrueger went to Lake Tahoe by herself to bail out her husband who owed a lot of money from poker loans. Despite her skills on the blackjack tables, Debbie did not have enough experience and overall casino knowledge to protect her own ass while cheating casinos. She got busted at Caesars Tahoe doing a blackjack move and ended up spending six months in the Douglas County jail. She gave up casino cheating for six years but then returned to it when Balls showed her the famed Savannah move that he'd learned from Hall of Fame casino cheat Richard Marcus. Ironically, Debbie got caught doing the Savannah at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and got taken to the security back room. However, she did not get arrested due to a lack of evidence. After that incident, Heidekrueger recruited several inexperienced casino people, mostly women and ex-dealers, whom she tried to teach the Savannah. After having limited success with her associates, Heidekrueger retired from casino cheating in the year 2000. Currently she sweats the poker action of her husband David "Rabbi" Danheiser.