Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Casino Employee Indicted in $168,000 Wisconsin Casino Cheat Scam!

Milwaukee resident and casino worker Deandre Russell was indicted along with eight friends/cohorts in perhaps the biggest Wisconsin casino scam to date: a $168,000 jackpot scam at the Potawatomi Casino...that's heard me right, the Potowatomi casino...must be one of those reservation boonie joints. And they got hit with federal racketeering charges for their troubles.

Apparently the indicting grand jury saw enough evidence that Russell engineered a scheme by which his friends would win jackpots ranging from ten to fifty grand on the Pick-Eight Bingo game (who the f--- would play Pick-Eight Bingo anyway unless they were scamming jackpots!). What puzzles me about all this is that the seven fixed jackpots occurred in 2005 and 2006. Why did it take the authorities so long to obtain an indictment?...okay, it's the boonies so we'll give 'em a pass. But in spite of that, I would've thought that the Statute of Limitations would have run out after such a lapse of time...unless casino cheating on Wisconsin reservations is like murder and has no statute of limitations LOL.

My take: Well, even though it was a rinky-dink scam in a rinky-dink casino, it somehow managed to bag some big booty. A hundred and sixty-eight grand is a lot of money to take out of a Wisconsin casino--no matter how long it takes!