Saturday, December 04, 2010

So, What's Up With All the Hoopla Over the Poker Cheating on ABC's "No Ordinary Family" TV Show?

I will keep this post short, simply--and nasty!

"No Ordinary Family" is a new American television series starring Christina Chang and Tate Donovan that airs on ABC. It is a one-hour sci-fi comedy-drama that until its last episode, "No Ordinary Anniversary," had nothing to do with poker cheating. Now that poker cheating scenes have made it to the episode, everyone and his or her grandmother want to know what I think of the realness of these poker cheat scenes.

My response--simple, short and nasty--is that just like the show itself, its poker scenes are nothing more than sci-fi and comedy. I certainly cannot take any of the drama seriously. The poker cheating scenarios are all bullshit and not worth mention on this blog--so please excuse me for having done so!