Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Anyone Out There Have Any Info on Sam Simon's Huge Online Poker Cheat Scams?

Sam Simon
I came across an article on onlinepokernews.org claiming that Sam Simon, an avid poker player and successful television producer who happens to be one of the original developers of "The Simpsons," has told the site that a certain well-known high-stakes poker player got cheated out of more than $4 million playing online by one or more big-time poker cheats who managed to sneak into the unidentified player's house and install a high-tech digital camera in the ceiling of his study above the computer screen on his desk. Thus they secretly filmed all his hole cards as they appeared on the alleged victim's computer screen and used that huge advantage to fleece him. Simon allegedly said this particular mystery online poker-cheat victim is also a huge brick and mortar poker player in cash games. No details were offered on how the victim found the camera besides his repeatedly losing and losing and maybe becoming suspicious that a camera was actually there.
However, I have heard of no incidents or reports backing up any of these claims, and was wondering if maybe you have. Simon has allegedly also been speaking publicly about other huge online poker scams he's heard of firsthand from cheat victims, mostly collusion scams, which is nothing new to any of us.

My take: Well, if Simon's claims are true and not just a figment of the same fertile imagination that created "The Simpsons," I sure hope that the victim is one of the poker-cheat assholes that cheat us with their acting-jobs  on the Game Show Network's "High Stakes Poker."