Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Singapore Dice Pastposter Cheat Gets Three Months in Jail For Dice-Cheating

A thirty-six year-old Chinese construction worker named Gu Xiao Dong got three months in a Singapore prison for trying to cheat the Marina Bay Sands casino by laying down a late bet in a sic bo dice game, which is the Asian equivalent of craps.

Dong pled guilty to attempting to cheat the dealer by laying three $25 chips on a bet after the outcome had been determined. The offense occurred last October 9th. Dong's had bet five $5 cips on a three-digit dice box combination, then suddenly removed his chips when the dealer pressed the dice ready to roll, as if changing his mind about the bet. But when the result came out he quickly replaced the bet with $25 chips on the winning combination. The dealer caught the move, which would have paid $750

The maximum jail term for this casino-cheat crime in Singapore is five years in prison plus a fine.

My take: Seems to me that all these casino cheats getting busted in Singapore are rank workers, cashiers, bakers, etc. It makes me wonder just how much the REAL casino cheats are beating the twin Singaporean casinos for...believe me, it's a LOT!