Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Phil Hellmuth to Sever Relationship With UB.com To Get Away From Poker Cheating Brand!

Apparently Phil Hellmuth, one of the most recognized poker pros in the world who has been affiliated with UB.com (ex-UltimateBet.com) for some time now and been wearing the UB garb and ball cap at every poker event he plays in, is about to announce that he will end his relationship with the giant online poker company most known for the world's biggest online gambling scam. Hellmuth has not announced any immediate plans what he might do immediately afterward, but industry insiders expect that he will be involved in the launching of a new major online poker room (cheat free of course!) that will pay him a large percentage of the profits without any capital investment from Hellmuth--a very sweet deal indeed.

My take: Hellmuth has always been as phony as they come, especially in his dramatics involving his staged confrontations with fellow poker pro Mike Matusow. The bottom line is that even though it does Hellmuth good to separate himself from UB and its cheat-plagued reputation, he is only doing this to make more money elsewhere.

And he will.