Friday, November 26, 2010

Descendants of Infamous Italian Roulette Pastposting Team Facing Various Casino Cheat Charges in UK!

I have stated that the best casino cheat move I have ever seen (besides my own Savannah, of course) is the roulette pastpost slide that was done by at least two generations of Italian casino cheat families. If you don't know, after Americans, Italians make up the largest population of organized casino cheats in the world. Whether or not this has anything to do with Mafia heritage, I don't know, although some Italian casino cheat organizations have been linked to Italian organized crime.

Two Italian casino cheats facing trial in the UK are descendants of one of these families, though I must point out that they have never had anything to do with the main Italian roulette cheat teams I knew back in the 70s and 80s. They are clearly not that good. If they were, they wouldn't be facing all these casino cheat charges in London.

As it is, the two, Frank Camilleri, sixty-one, and Francesco Baioni, sixty-four, both with UK addresses, have pled guilty to 20 casino cheat charges including possessing fake ID documents to enter UK casinos they were already barred from. In addition to this, they have admitted to roulette pastposting crimes dating back over two decades. Investigators believe the pair have worked casinos all over the world. Their method is to place late wagers in roulette after the ball lands in a number slot, though I do not believe they were using the famed slide technique.

My take: I never thought I'd hear about anyone related to the great Italian roulette cheat teams of yesteryear getting sentenced for any casino crimes, but times do change, and obviously these two guys were mere knockoffs of their familial predecessors.

They will probably get off with slight jail time or suspended sentences as the UK justice system is not harsh with casino cheats.