Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bet365 Poker Reaches Top of Online Poker Room Safety Rankings List / Italian International Roulette Cheats Walk With Slap on the Wrist!

For the first time since the inception of online poker safety ratings, Bet365 Poker has hit the # 1 rank and is now considered the safest online poker room on the Internet. Congratulations to them and continued success keeping the cheating down to a minimum.

Big-time Italian cheats Baioni and Camilleri  

As I had expected, 61 year-old Frank Camilleri and 64 year-old Francesco Baioni, the two longtime professional roulette pastposting cheats from Italy, have received no jail time after pleading guilty in court to various casino cheating offenses on roulette tables throughout the UK. What I failed to mention in my previous article about the Italian casino-cheat pair is that they have already done prison time in the US for cheating at roulette in American casinos, though I don't have details on these events.

This light jail sentence goes to show the UK's continued leniency in dealing with convicted casino cheats. Obviously British courts hold casino gambling with disdain and are unwilling to severely punish casino cheats caught at the tables. So I guess if you're a casino cheat, the UK is a great place to work if you can get your moves down. Had this Italian cheating pair been found guilty in the US, they might have been sentenced to as much as ten years in prison, where they might have had to resort to cheating in one of Nevada's prison casinos. See post about prison casinos below.