Thursday, November 25, 2010

2010 Thanksgiving Casino Cheat Turkey of the Year Awards!

Now that it's Thanksgiving, it's time for my annual Casino/Poker Cheating Turkey of the Year. In order to qualify, candidates must satisfy three main concerns:

1) Had to get caught (Obviously!) and prosecuted
2) His or her scam had to be either stupid or poorly conceptualized
3) The person had to have not only embarrassed himself but also others


THIRD PLACE: Goes to B.M, an American surveillance executive who botched up a simple casino cheating move during one of my game protection seminars. I spent several hours preparing B.M. to do this blackjack ten-oh-five on a blackjack table in front of his surveillance staff (unbeknownst to them), but he fowled (pardon the turkey pun!) it all up and actually got caught by one of his own surveillance staff. The use of his initials is to protect him from further embarrassment.

SECOND PLACE: Goes to Jonathan Sanner, Jason Peterson, Thomas R. Kordick and Scott Marshall, all ex-supervisors at the Planet Hollywood Casino in Las Vegas who ran a phony poker jackpot scam and collected the winnings themselves. They netted a mere $2,100, and for that lost their jobs, face possible prison time and embarrassed themselves and their casino fellow workers. TURKEY SHAME on them!

THE WINNER is Walter Bansley IV of New Haven, Connecticut, a scion of an old and well-to-do family of lawyers and judges. Bansley IV, who despite the regalness of the Roman numeral IV after his name is the first known casino cheat having a Roman numeral greater than III, was caught pinching (snatching a losing bet off the layout) a lousy $10 bet of a craps layout...that after having already been ahead more than four grand at the MGM Grand casino at Foxwoods. Now THAT is REALLY embarrassing, not only to himself but to his entire well-respected family!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

And Don't Cheat the Turkey!!