Wednesday, October 20, 2010

UltimateBet Victim Tom Dwan Compensated $300k After Online Poker Cheating Scandal


Tom Dwan has received $300,000 in compensation related to the superuser cheating scandal which took place at Ultimate Bet between January 2005 and December 2007.

Tom “durrrr” Dwan started playing at Full Tilt in early 2007, eventually becoming a sponsored pro at the site in November 2007. However, before then one of the other poker rooms the online prodigy had played at included Ultimate Bet while it was in the midst of its infamous superuser scandal.

Just to recap, following his 1994 WSOP Main Event win Russ Hamilton worked as a consultant for Ultimate Bet. He then went on to organise a scam which allowed himself and a team to view their opponents’ hole cards, eventually cheating customers out of around $22 million.

It would now appear that Tom Dwan was one of those unfortunate players to have been scammed and so received the $300,000 refund from Ultimate Bet by means of compensation. Recalling the exact session which led to him dropping around 20 buy-ins at $50/$100 PLO, Dwan said; “I guessed there was a 2% or 3% of some cheating going on.” However, his good friend and fellow pro David Benefield said he believed during that session the cheating percentage was probably nearer to 10%.

Tom Dwan then went on to recall losing the 20 buy-ins to a player who seemed to be playing an absolutely crazy game at the time. However, Dwan has since been unable to recollect the player’s onscreen name and is convinced it didn’t appear on the list of superusers later produced by Ultimate Bet. Dwan said that particular session created the biggest impression on him while playing at the site, but conceded that “nothing else the whole time peeked my interest about UB at all.”

Tom Dwan’s $300,000 compensation represented just a small fraction of the $22,100,000 eventually refunded to the defrauded players. But I believe it is the largest to date.