Saturday, October 30, 2010

Straight Collusion Play Continues to Dominate Cheating in Brick and Mortar Poker World

I recently released the latest statistics for how online poker cheating breaks down in percentages, in which poker-bot cheat-play is gaining ground on plain old collusion-play at the online tables.

In the brick and mortar poker cheat world, however, simple collusion play continues to dominate poker cheating and will probably keep dominating it for years, if not decades, to come. Poker cheating via card-marking is gaining steadily as new laser techniques for marking the cards are being introduced and constantly improved. The simple reason for collusion-cheating poker-play dominance in the poker cheat world is that the protaganists involved can never be prosecuted because it is impossible to prove, and even if it were possible to prove, it really doesn't constitute a crime anyway.

Here are the numbers of the poker cheat percentage pie.

Collusion cheating 72%
Card marking 15%
Card mucking and switching 8%
Pot cheating and stealing chips 5%

I was surprised that pot cheating and stealing, which comprises poker cheats trying to short poker pots or steal chips from other players' stacks, only accounts for five percent of the brick and mortar poker-cheat pie. But these are the figures I am getting.

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