Monday, October 18, 2010

Singapore Casino Cheating Beat Goes On. Pair Face Nearly 100 Casino Cheating Felonies!

Hold on! Don't get too excited reading this. It all boils down to two guys ripping off Resorts World Sentosa Casino for thirty grand by stealing chips off tables and cheating at roulette. One of the accused cheats, a twenty-three year-old Malaysian dealer named Ng Wuey Kiang, supposedly controlled the roulette wheel by making soft spins that would make the spinning ball land on his cohort's numbers more often than fair probability would dictate. That cohort has been identified as thirty-nine year-old Chinese national Leong Teck Leong. Leong is accused of corrupting Kiang into cheating his casino from the inside, by both stealing chips and manipulating the spins on roulette wheels. I can't say how efficient Kiang was at controlling the roulette ball. This is very hard to do unless the dealer makes obvious weak spins with few revolutions of the ball.

The total of the thefts of casino chips was roughly $1,500 and was carried out on seven or eight occasions, according to Resorts World Sentosa personnel. The roulette cheat moves garnered from $175 to $1,750 a pop. All this has added up to nearly one hundred charges, and the bails on both cheats are steep. Leong is being held on $70,000 bail, Ng $100,000. Pre-trial is set for December 2. Both men face several years in prison.

My take: The sheer audacity of these casino cheats working Singapore really strikes me. None of these cheats appear to be even close to good or professional...So, what does that say about the surveillance and securtiy forces of both Singapore casinos?...Not much.