Monday, October 11, 2010

Singapore Casino Busts Pit Supervisor in Money Wheel Inside Scam!

Seeing how easy it is to cheat Singapore's new casinos, some of their very own employees are getting into the cheat-free-for-all. Loads of dealers and pit personnel have been getting away with it so far, but finally one inside scam has been broken up. It occurred on the Money Wheel game, not a place where high rollers usually lay their wagers, which might have clued the casino into the fact it was being cheated by its very own.

Three Chinese nationals were charged last Thursday with cheating the Marina Bay Sands casino out of more than $18,000 by getting the dealer to control the spinning wheel of the game. The dealer who also served as a pit supervisor has been identified as twenty-four year-old Keith Yong Kee Hwei. One of the cohort players at the table has been identified as thirty-two year-old Tan Tiong Loon. Loon made a bet at 45 to 1 and Yong controlled the spinning wheel to make Loon's bet win, which looked like a huge, lucky longshot in the works. There were other unidentified players involved in the cheat scam.

This is the first incident of a casino employee being charged with involvement in an inside scam. I expect to see more of this as the cheating appears to continue to be extremely ripe in Singapore's two virgin casinos.