Thursday, October 14, 2010

Singapore Casino Big Money Wheel Cheat Team Face More Charges

The two casino cheats who got busted last week for an inside scam on the Big Money Wheel at the Marina Bay Sands Casino got hit with 3 more charges yesterday. Keith Yong Kee-Hwei, 24, the pit supervisor and dealer (photo), and Tan Tiong Loon, 32, the player/agent, were charged with cheating at gambling in the amouont of $13,500, which happened on October 7th, and attempted cheating at gambling for a cheat move that didn't get paid.

Yong used his hand to stop the spinning wheel on the Big Money Wheel game on the 45 to 1 bet made by Tan. The casino paid $18,000. Then an hour later the pair made the same move for $13,500 and got paid again.

But then they got greedy and repeated the move just a few minutes later. This time the casino got suspicious and ran back the surveillance video which showed Yong blatantly stopping the wheel with his hand.

Yong is being held on $30,000 bail, but Tan, obviously an unprofessional casino cheat, is being held without bail because he committed these alleged offenses while out on bail for another casino-cheating charge.

My take: I think this casino-cheating team oughta hang up their chips for a long time.