Monday, October 18, 2010

Poker Bot Use Catching Up To Collusion Play With Online Poker Cheats

AS we move deeper and deeper into the online poker era, the online poker cheats are continuing to adjust their cheating ways and develop new methods of trying to cheat you at the online poker tables. During the first few years of online poker, the cheating was dominated by simple collusion play, sometimes by two online cheats and others by groups, some of which consisted of eight or nine players taking down one single cheat victim. As the technological advances enabled the development of more sophisticated poker bots with artificial intelligence, their use naturally progressed with the progress (pardon the pun). And just as naturally, the colluders and the botters in many cases joined forces to form monster online poker cheat teams that used their bots in collusion to get your money. For purposes of this report, I am going to break down the current online poker cheating methods into both individual and combined methods to give you an idea of just how much of which form of cheating you're either up against...or participating in.

As of October 15, 2010

Percentage of online poker cheats playing collusion only: 42%
Percentage of online poker cheats using bots only: 29%
Percentage of online poker cheats playing collusion with bots: 21%
Percentage of online poker cheats hacking and stealing info: 8%
(this includes hole-card compromising operations)

Note that this study reflects all online poker games including tournaments.