Sunday, October 24, 2010

No, Virginia, Online Roulette is Not Rigged to Cheat You

Funny thing. I got three emails this week asking me if online roulette is rigged to cheat because all three people lost money playing online roulette. And one of the askers was named, of all names, Virginia. My response to Virginia was:

No, Virginia, online roulette is not rigged...that means in general. Like in all walks and runs in life, online casino sites have their bad apples. Some online casinos, a very small percentage of them, do cheat the players. But this cheating is not usually carried out by software that rigs the percentages against players. The online casinos that cheat generally do so at their cages. This is when you try and cash out and there's no cash waiting for you. In other words, you are the victim of fly-by-night casino, and that means that the entire casino was a scam and was set-up strictly to fleece all the player accounts opened up with it.

My advice to anyone worried about the integrity of online casinos is simply to play with established ones. You can keep current on the safest and most honest online casinos by following my SAFEST ONLINE CASINO CHEAT RANKINGS. The casinos listed here will not give you any such problems.