Monday, September 13, 2010

UK's BBC Airs Big Investigation into Online Poker Cheating and Collusion and Bot Cheat Play...Anything New?

In the US, the CBS News magazine show "60 Minutes" aired its own investigation into online poker cheats and cheating, especially detailing the huge poker cheating scandal at (now and former WSOP World Champion Russ Hamilton's role in orchestrating it.

Now, in reaction to the recent Chinese bot/collusion poker scam that hit the world's largest online site,, the UK's BBC network has over the weekend broadcast its own investigation into online poker cheating. I will not even bother linking to it...not becasue it isn't a quality and thorough look at online poker cheating and all its various methods but simply because it is nearly an exact copy of what CBS News told the world on its "60 Minutes" segment nearly a year ago. There's nothing new in the BBC version, so the beat goes on--until another big online poker cheat scam hits the airways!

That I promise to link you to!