Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just How Much Will Poker Bots Cheating Evolve in Online Poker?

The answer to that question is "LOTS!" You may have heard about the recent Korean and Chinese online poker-bot scandals, all of which have been significantly profitable, but this is just the tip of the "botberg!" Poker bots with artificial intelligence and anti-detection programming built-in are already good enough to be profitable in fifty to sixty percent of middle-limit and high-limit games, as well as tournaments. In the lower-limit games they are already cleaning up.

This situation will only get better for the botters. I predict that within 5 years sophisticated and VERY intelligent poker bots will dominate the online poker scene and consistently beat online poker's best "botless" players. I also think that within 7 years the majority of ALL online poker players will be using poker bots, for if they don't they will be at a real disadvantage.

My take on my take: Wise up now and get your bot!