Friday, August 27, 2010

Mizzi Responds To New Online Poker Cheat Allegations

Already condemned online poker cheat Sorel Mizzi this time says he's innocent and that the recent possible online-poker-cheating-intent conversations he had with Steve "Thorladen" Weinstein were tied to threats that Mizzi himself received online.

On August 20, 2010, "waxonchris" posted to the MTT Community forum on a lengthy chat transcript between Sorel Mizzi and Steve "Thorladen" Weinstein, which generated a bunch of cheating speculation involving Mizzi once again. Mizzi states that these transcripts are nothing more than a melange of conversations between himself, Weinstein and other online poker players that took place during a whole year. He went on to say that in December of 2009 he was threatened and extorted by someone demanding money against a threat he would release the very same transcripts. Mizzi claims he did not succumb to the blackmail.

Mizzi's words:

"I am saying this to clear the names of the people mentioned in the conversation and because there are actually people I know and respect who are curious about whether or not this conversation did in fact take place."

My take: I wouldn't trust Mizzi or anything he says as far as I could throw him or it!