Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Is Rival Gaming Software Helping Along Online Poker and Casino Cheats?

Since Rival Gaming hit the online poker and casino industry with its software, claiming its innovativeness and anti-cheat benefits to online poker and casino players, we have seen a labyrinth of its online casinos opening and closing and a host of players complaining on poker and casino blogs about Rival Gaming. However, Sloto’ Cash Casino, the first casino to use Rival Gaming software and one of the first to welcome players from the US, seems to be escaping the barrage of doubt levelled at the online gaming software company. I am hearing online gamblers attest to Sloto’ Cash Casino's excellent standing for anti-cheat safety, player friendliness, fairness in play and quick cashouts.

The overall criticism aimed at Rival Gaming Casinos has mainly centered around player dissatisfaction and cheating, as well as non- or slow-payment of winnings, difficult terms and conditions with bonuses and other complaints about the lobby and overall presentation of casinos using the software. Several Rival Gaming online casinos have closed the past few months.

But why not Sloto’ Cash Casino? Well, this beats me, although I have read bloggers talk about the ownership of this particular online casino that supposedly has a very low rate of cheating. Sloto’ Cash is owned privately and run privately and has different rules than the other casinos using Rival Gaming software do. Rival Gaming owns almost all the other casinos using its software, which seems to be the difference. In other words, have a problem with one Rival Gaming Casino, have a problem with all Rival Gaming Casinos...except Sloto’ Cash because it has its own independent management.

My take: It is what it is. I am not promoting Sloto´ Cash Casino but it does seem okay. They do offer solid promotions and bonuses and there is a fine spectrum of games to play. However, as far as the other Rival Gaming casinos go, avoid them like the plague! I know it is hard to make sense of why only one of their casinos is trustworthy but that has been the history, so let's keep believing it...until...or if it changes!