Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Delaware Park Casino Busts Blackjack Cheat on 7 Felony Charges!

It sounds a lot worse than it is, but Clifton Shaw, a thirty-one year old New Jersey native, was arrested for both capping and pinching bets(removing chips from a losing bet before the dealer can take them). Shaw's cheat moves only involved red $5 chips but things got more interesting when Delaware state police found two fake driver's licenses and a half-dozen counterfeit $20 bills, the latter much more serious than any of the casino-cheat charges, especially if there was an intent to distribute. In any case, Shaw was sent to the Young Correctional Facility after he could not post the $33,000 bond set by a district court judge.

Like its sister state of Pennsylvania, Delaware just recently allowed its casinos to put in table games, and they are seeing the same type of cheating, mostly capping bets at the blackjack tables. Those caught so far appear to be amateurs. I am sure that some professional teams are working both states and managing to get off their moves without taking much heat.

My take: Delaware casinos will continue to get victimized by cheats for the next few years to least.