Friday, August 06, 2010

Canadian Casino and Poker Cheats...Beware!

If you are planning a casino-cheating or poker-cheating trip in Canada, be careful! That is because the Canadian government has just passed several new laws amending the definition and punishment of gambling and casino crimes. In short, the Canadians want to punish poker and casino cheats with stiffer sentences for cheating their casinos and poker rooms.

This sudden change in legislation obviously is connected to the recent cheating scams that have hit Canadian casinos the past several years, including, of course, the international Tran Organization mini-baccarat scam that victimized Casino Rama among others in Canada. Basically, any gaming conviction could carry a penalty of five years in prison.

What about punishing online casino and poker cheating in Canada? That is still murky, and it seems that the government's attention there is to punish online sites that cheat the players through UltimateBet and Absolute Poker-type cheating scams, in which insiders manipulate software to cheat legitimate players.