Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Cake Poker Comes Under Online Poker Cheat Scrutiny!

The latest in the online poker cheating vine, which continues to tangle up like a massive spider web of cheating, is that Cake Poker network’s security system is flawed and that there are risks such as those encountered at the CEREUS poker network, which is the system used at UltimateBet.com and Absolute Poker.

According to online poker cheat insiders, Cake’s servers are not nearly as secure as they would have liked you to believe. Flaws in their security have made it susceptible for third parties to steal personal data transmitted between the players and the Cake poker room. Inasmuch any sensitive player account information could have been compromised during transmission. This security breach allowed user names and passwords to be stolen by data thieves...and supposedly opened the door for hole cards to be compromised the way they were at UltimateBet, in the online poker cheat scam of the century.

Cake poker room manager Lee Jones issued this statement on the latest online poker cheats scandal: “Our development team replicated the described scenario and confirmed that a vulnerability exists. We take this very seriously and have mobilized a team of senior engineers to address the problem. In short, we are adding an SSL layer to secure all communication between our servers and the client software. We’ve got everybody who can possibly help on this and will get the development and testing jobs completed as soon as humanly possible.

All this comes just months after Mr. Jones declared that Cake Poker had stronger encryption codes than the CEREUS poker network.

My take: Here we go again!