Friday, July 23, 2010

Poker Bot Cheat Scandal at PokerStars Widens!

Lots of wisened online poker players talking about cheating have said that poker pots are not really an effective way to make money playing poker online. I have always disagreed. And now some of these poker cheat wiseguys agree with me, saying that the poker-bot cheat scam at PokerStars has already netted more than $60,000 in cheat profits.

A group of players on PokerStars have observed and reported striking similarities between ten online poker player accounts. Things noted as similar are players concurrently changing stakes back and forth in the online poker sites' micro-stakes tables as well as logging on and off and back on at the same time, all the while making the same bets and plays.

The player ‘Malloc” on the TwoPlusTwo poker forum and the PokerTableRatiings site examined in depth the consistencies of the ten ‘players’ and reported these accounts to PokerStars:

7emenov bakabar, craizer, mvra, nakseon, kozzin, demidou, koldan, Daergy
and feidmanis

PokerStars looked into these accounts and confirmed that their play seemed like bot play. More convincing is that none of these accounts lost over a period of time. PokerStars is investigating to find more accounts related to this poker bot cheating-ring and they may decide to redistribute some of the funds in each of the suspected bot-accounts to real players who played against the bots.

My Take: I think this poker-bot cheating scandal will widen even more! Stay tuned.