Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pennsylvania Casino Hit With Counterfeit $100 Chips!

Like what happens in all new casino areas, Pennsylvania is getting rocked by casino cheats. However, I am surprised that one of the state's casinos got hit with a counterfeit-chips scam so quickly, although it doesn't seem to be a major one. In any case, an unidentified man in his 50s or 60s managed to pass 19 fake $100 chips that he apparently manufactured himself in the most crude of ways. It happened at te Mount Airy casino in Paradise Township during its first weeked of operation.

The man simply altered lower denomination chips and made them look like $100 chips. I don't know which chips he altered or what color they were, but it seems unbelievable to me that he was able to pass them off on table games. He did not, however, succeed in cashing them out at the cage, so I assume he cashed out several hundred dollars' worth of legitimate chips he obtained at the tables by buying in with the counterfeit chips.

He did try to cash in five of the fake $100 chips and was ripe to be busted, but the inexperience of the surveillance and security staffs let him get away as he was approached by casino personnel.

My take: Well, maybe Pennsylvania ought to consider RFID technology for its chips...or mabye better train its casino personnel.