Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pennsylvania Bags First Casino Table Games Cheat!

If someone had asked me what I thought the first casino-cheating arrest in Pennsylvania would be for, I would have said bet-capping at a blackjack table, as that is the most common casino-cheat attempt made by amateur or weak professional casino cheats.

Sure enough, the state, which opened table games in its casinos or racinos (racetrack casinos) or whatever they're called, caught Claudie Kenion III, 41, of Harrisburg, PA and charged him with manipulating a game after he increased (capped) his blackjack bets to win more money on his hands that stood an excellent chance of winning, such as a hard twenty against a seven or eight dealer up-card. According to investigators, Kenion III (fancy suffix for a lowly casino-cheat, huh?), palmed the extra chips and managed to drop them without being seen on probable winning bets some 13 times, after which he finally got caught. Well, I guess 13 isn´t Mr. Kenion III's lucky number.

By the way, I don't know about you, but I think this is the first time I wrote a possessive apostrophe on "III" in my life!!! LOL

Oh!...and from what I hear, the law against casino cheating isn't very punitive in Pennsylvania. Kenion and other future arrested casino and poker cheats are likely to face only fines and not prison time. This doesn't mean I'm encouraging poker cheats and casino cheats to hit Penn State's casinos...but at least if you do, you probably won't end up in Penn State...pardon the pun.