Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Would Legalizing Online Poker in the US Really Give The US Justice Department Powers to Reduce Online Poker Cheating?

Currently in California, there's a big push to legalize and regulate online poker, as well as getting the ball rolling for online gaming and online casinos in general. Proponents of this legalization and regulation claim that the California Attorney General would be able to police online poker sites for cheating and enforce international anti-poker cheating laws as they pertain to California. They also claim that even though there have not been many reports of offshore online poker sites themselves cheating US players out of money by not paying or refunding deposits, US citizens might be online poker cheat victims to such practices as collusion and bot play. They say that the state justice system can help protect California players against this type of online poker cheating.

Do I agree? Absolutely. And if California gets statewide legalization and regulation of online poker, it would be a great boost to get US legislation going for the entire country.