Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pro Roulette-Cheat Teams Using My Old Ten-Oh-Five Blackjack Cheat-Move on Singapore's Wheels!

If you follow my blog, you're quite aware of the cheating onslaught going on in Singapore's two new giant casinos, Sentosa's Resorts World Casino and the Sands Marina Bay Casino. Their rookie surveillance crews are digging-in their trenches and fighting valliantly, and are indeed managing to catch a major cheat or two per week, but that is just a tiny tip of the casino-cheat iceberg freezing over Singapore's casinos.

Aside from professional roulette cheat-teams pastposting $100 and $1,000 chips straight-up or around inside numbers, I have heard about roulette cheats pastposting bets of $1,005, $1,010 and $1,505 on the outside proposition bets, especially the column bets at the bottom of the layout that pay 2 to 1. This is a version of my Blackjack Ten-Oh-Five move, which I also used on roulette tables on the column-bets and on the 2 to 1 section bets (or dozen bets) along the sides of the outside proposition bets. The key was covering the $500 or $1,000 chips with red $5 chips to camouflage the big chips underneath, thus convincing the dealer he didn't see those chips when he "errantly" paid the bets. This was always an effective move for me and my casino cheat-teams, and it is obviously one of those solid cheat moves that will never retire despite my own retirement from casino and poker cheating. To read the specifics of the Ten-Oh-Five move click here.