Monday, June 07, 2010

Friendly Poker Game Turns Deadly Over Cheat Allegations! And it's Women!

This is not the first time I have reported on poker-cheating murders, but each new one does seem hard to believe. In this latest case of "kill the alleged poker cheat," the victim was a 51-year-old female church preacher, of all things, identified as Patricia Clark, whose husband and friends say she was simply an excellent poker player and not a poker cheat.

Rosie Morris, the 46 year-old woman charged with Clark's murder right at the poker table after she lost a huge pot, claims Clark was systematically cheating her and the other players. Wow! What was this woman doing with a gun at the neighborhood poker game in the first place???

Clark's husband, James, told reporters that his wife "didn't cheat and didn't need to cheat. She's just very good at cards." Morris did not tell the police how she believe her victim had been cheating, which makes me think that the victim was probably not cheating if the killer couldn't even offer up any viable cheating methods that Clark might have employed. I think Morris probably had a run of bad luck and simply decided she was being cheated.

One thing that was disturbing about Clark was that she had gone to the game to collect a gambling debt from a person described as an old friend in the amount of $300. I don't know if the old friend was her killer, but I guess this means that when "friends" start incurring poker debts to other "friends" they are no longer friends but rather fellow poker players. What a shame!

Making this tragedy even worse is the fact that one of the victim's two sons had also been murdered in Chicago some years ago. Her husband and friends said she was a devoted preacher who raised foster children and even took in homeless people from the street.

The murder itself was quite brutal. Morris pulled a gun and shot Clark in the back, and then shot her three more times in the chest and head.