Sunday, June 06, 2010

Facebook Poker Cheats and Zynga Chips Ghost Cheating

You know, sometimes it bothers me to cover this stuff, but I guess it's my duty if I'm going to be a leader in the online poker news industry. True online poker cheating is a big enough problem in online poker, but all this crap about Facebook Poker cheats is starting to become a real nuisance. For all those Facebook Poker cheat nerds doing their cheat thing on Facebook, there's not much need for you to read this blog article. For those of you who play...or cheat...real online poker and don't bother playing or cheating Facebook Poker but are curious, the article below will give you the lowdown about the poker cheating craze on Facebook. The only value to note for serious online poker cheats and players is that there are carryover online poker cheating methods that are done in both cheat worlds. One of these is "ghosting."

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Do you want to one up your friends at Poker on Facebook? This page will show you various Poker Cheats on Facebook as they are available. There are a number of cheats available for poker on Facebook from time to time. Sometimes, these cheats are simple methods to use while other times a hack can be used to add money to your poker account or make certain cards available more often.

A common cheat used is the "ghost" cheat, whereby a player uses an alternate Facebook account to create a ghost player on his or her table. This way, the player has a higher chance of winning by playing as two or more players at the same time on the same table.

Facebook's popularity has generated many customers for its many poker applications, the most popular of which being Texas Hold 'em. It is important to note that the free Facebook applications are nowhere near the quality found in most of the independent online poker sites such as Pokerstars.Com and are not intended for high caliber poker players.

The absence of cash prizes, however, makes it a great place for beginners to learn the basics of the game and hone their poker skills. While Facebook's poker applications do not consist of any cash-based poker play, it is necessary to earn chips to participate in gameplay.

Recently, Facebook games have gained popularity. Games such as Poker on Facebook that rely on a community of players have been particularly popular because they extend the multi-user environment that Facebook is founded in.

As an important note for parents, game creator Zynga advises that while they have removed inappropriate content from the game, the online, interactive nature of the game can change the spirit of gameplay.

Several cheats and hacks have been developed to help players acquire poker chips more quickly than they are earned through normal gameplay. Be advised that these cheats are against the terms of service of each game, and using them puts your gaming account at risk. This page contains links to available cheats however because the community and game developer monitor illicit activity, the cheats available may be limited.