Saturday, June 19, 2010

Delaware Nabs its First Casino Cheat--An Amateur Bet-Capper

New table games casinos are popping up all over the Eastern Seaboard and the casino cheats, both the amateurs and professionals, are showing up at the tables to give these casinos a very warm cheating-welcome. I'm not sure what the table maximum bets are (I think they're $100), but even at low-limit casinos the cheats come in hordes to take advantage of the "green" casino staffs. I remember when Colorado opened their blackjack tables with $5 limits, the cheats bombarded them. One blackjack cheat I saw capping his bet from $2 to $5 told me that he could make a day's pay.

And if you're wondering what I was doing there, it was not to cheat $5 blackjack tables! LOL. I was passing thru during a ski trip.

The amateur blackjack bet-capper (bet-capping is simply adding chips to the original bet when it wins, not switching chips in and out or laying down chips where there were none before the winning outcome) has been identified as a 25 year-old guy from Philadelphia named Maurice A. Thomas, who capped his bet at least four different times and was seen on surveillance cameras. I imagine he was capping bets a lot longer than that before the rookie surveillance staff got on to him. He was arrested by the Delaware Division of Gaming Enforcement at the Delaware Park Casino, where he was caught cheating.

Thomas was released at his arraignment after posting $4,000 bond. I don't know how stiff penalties are going to be for casino cheats in Delaware, but if their table limits are not at least $500, the good pro cheat teams will ignore Delaware and we will see only the run-of-the-mill amateur cheats getting busted there.