Thursday, June 17, 2010

Casino Cheating in Uzbekistan Leads to Violence, Death and Burning Down the Casino!

It started when a rowdy group of Uzbeks decided to play blackjack at the Kyrgyz casino. When they lost their money, they accused the blackjack dealer of cheating. Now, I am not saying that blackjack cheating by the dealer was not happening, but I wasn't there to say yes or no. In any event, push led to shove, shove led to fisticuffs, fisticuffs led to bullets, and bullets led to deaths and burning down the casino.

Before the shooting started, police had managed to chase the unruly gamblers, but they returned to the casino with more of their friends plus their families to boot. About four hundred people were involved in the shooting and setting the casino ablaze. Several people were killed, but it's difficult to say how many died in or near the casino because of the general unrest and violence in the country.