Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another Roulette Cheat Pastposter Falls in Singapore!

This time the busted roulette cheat is a Pakistani but I believe he is part of the Tanzanian or African team that has already had two of its members arrested for roulette cheating in Singapore's casinos and imprisoned in Sinapore jails. The latest thirty-five year-old man has been identified as Ashraf Zohaib. He tried to pastpost a $1,000 chip straight-up on number 29. But his mechanics seem a bit strange to me. His original bet on the number was a $25 chip. After the number came in and the dealer placed the marker over his winning $25 chip, Zohaib picked up the marker and $25 chip with one hand and laid down a $1,000 chip with the other, before replacing the $25 chip and marker atop the pastposted $1,000 chip. He did the move while the dealer was preparing the $875 payoff for the $25 chip, at 35 to 1. The move was a bit clumsy and should not have been laid and claimed by one person. And what made his case worse was that after the suspicious dealer told his supervisor, who alerted surveillance, Zohaib claimed that his friend coerced him into doing the move, which only opened up the door to a conspiracy charge because more than one person was involved in the commission of the cheat move.

All in all, he got off cheap: four months in prison

My Take: These roulette cheats are falling like bowling pins over there in Singapore. It's hard for me to believe that they're going for such big moves and payoffs. In conclusion, I have to believe that there are better, more professional teams over there really taking down some big money via the cheat moves!