Monday, June 28, 2010

AngryShark68 Joran van der Sloot Was Major Online Poker Player...Cheat?

Joran van der Sloot, sitting in his Peruvian prison cell and probably up in arms over a judge's decision to let his original murder confession stand, was quite the online poker player and, according to some sources, had enjoyed some significant successes. His main online poker screen name, AngryShark68, seems to sum up the killer/poker player/cheat character well. He sure as hell must be an angry guy killing these innocent women, and the shark part of it might pertain to his own self-praise as a "card shark", or maybe as an overall shark who endlessly preys the poker and casino worlds for victims (his first alleged victim, Natalee Holloway, was also seen with him in a casino in Aruba).

Van der Sloot reportedly won US $12,000 in a Party Poker tournament. He is also known to have played in several other online tournaments under the same screen name. Did he cheat online poker tournaments? Well, I have no proof that he did, but considering how he cheated in everything else in life, including his extortion of poor Natalee Holloway's parents, I would bet my last chip that he did!

Also, note the irony that when van der Sloot was apprehended in Chile before being extradited back to Peru, he was grabbed up on Route 68. Could the mentally freakish van der Sloot somehow have known that his poker road would come to an end there and for this reason used "68" in his online screen name?

I'll let you think about that!