Monday, May 17, 2010

Negreanu's Poker Sunglasses Cheating Remarks Just Won't Go Away! So...What's Really Up...or Down...With Wearing Sunglasses at Poker Tables?

I have already stated that Daniel Negreanu is full of shit with his claim that wearing sunglasses at the poker table is a form of cheating. If you don't want to believe me, then how could these poker-player sunglasses-wearers be cheating? Maybe if you want to bring a James Bond scene into the discussion (I'm talking about "Goldfinger" not "Casino Royale" with Daniel Craig), where the villian cheats at poker or poolside gin rummy games, you can think that the sunglasses-wearer has some sort of x-ray vision with the dark lenses and can see through the backs of your cards to the face of your cards...Oh, wait a minute, didn't Peter Sellers do just that in the "Casino Royale" movie from 1967? In fact, he did, but you can discard this theory at the modern real-life poker game because it's ridiculous.

How about the reverse of that? How about that you get to see the sunglasses-wearer's cards from the reflection off his dark lenses!!! Ha Ha...LOL, I'm only kidding, even though there's a better chance of that than his seeing your cards through x-ray vision.

Maybe Negreanu thinks that wearing sunglasses to hide poker tells is a form of cheating. Well, of course it's not, but then again maybe a really nervous player will develop a tell that can be seen through the sunglasses, or around the sunglasses, something like a nervous twitch that causes the glasses to bob and weave on his head when he gets excited. Who knows?

Or maybe some players are just so damned ugly they want to cover up as much of their face as possible, especially on TV...I'm only kidding. That would be a vanity/ego clash if you know what I mean. Poker players on TV want the whole world to see their faces and know who they are, right?

Maybe poker players wearing sunglasses only want to distract your attention by getting you to look at them and try to figure out why they're wearing them. That would be a good diversion, no? You know what I think the real reason is that poker players wear sunglasses, at least the overwhelming majority of them? I think they just want to be cool or make you think they're cool...And the majority of them are not as far as I'm concerned. However, there are guys like that Finnish player, what's his name again?...who really are cool, but he's cool without his sunglasses as well.

In any case, I just wish Negreanu would shut his big mouth, or if he has to open it, tell us the truth behind HIS biggest scam of all-time: the High Stakes Poker show.