Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Negreanu Calls Poker Players Wearing Sunglasses Cheats!

Once again, poker pro Daniel Negreanu is running off with his mouth and saying stupid things. His latest is that poker players who wear sunglasses at the table are cheating. Gimme a break! Since all poker players have the right to wear glasses, then how can the ones that opt to do so be considered cheats? Just a few weeks ago, Negreanu mouthed off about how Major League Baseball is ridiculous. I criticized him for talking about everything he considers cheating and a scam while refusing to tell the world that his and everyone else's appearance on the GSN Poker TV show "High Stakes Poker" is the biggest cheat scam of all-time. Of course Negreanu will never say a thing about that.

Negreanu’s outburst about sunglasses at the poker table is related to his latest TV show (from which he of course receives more hype and TV money) "The Big Game," which happens to ban sunglasses at the poker game on the set. The truth is that this move is nothing more than a stunt to make the public believe that the show is real and won't put up with cheating at poker. I just wish the public would wise up to all this bullshit.

Negreanu's words: “One thing I love about our show, is that FINALLY there is a rule in place where you can't hide like a chicken behind sunglasses! I swear: every TV producer should ban sunglasses entirely from any televised event. They are so bad for poker on so many levels.”

He adds that there are lots of other reason why sunglasses should be banned at all brick and mortar poker tables, even offering his aid to petition to have them banned. When asked why he would speak out so openly against sunglasses, Negreanu answered, “I won't get into that.”
Sure, Danny.

Then he drags UltimateBet cheat Russ Hamilton into it, saying, “Let's just say that guys like Russ Hamilton would oppose such a ban. I'm not making this up, it's just a fact. Banning sunglasses helps to protect the integrity of the game against cheating. For that reason alone, they should be completely outlawed from poker. No other sport or organization would allow competitors a device that makes it easier for them to get away with cheating.“

Maybe Negreanu's next advice will be that wearing sunglasses while playing poker online is cheating too! LOL