Monday, April 12, 2010

Why Good Blackjack Pastposts Continue to Dupe the World's Casinos

Hardly a week goes by that I don't find an online news article about improvements made to casino video surveillance systems that are sure to reduce casino cheats' success rate to zero. In the last three days alone, I have read five such articles about video surveillance improvements in casinos in Singapore and Australia, not to mention that both are areas getting hammered by professional casino cheat teams.

These articles, obviously written by reporters and journalists who know nothing about cheating casinos and only write verbatim what casino officials tell them during interviews, make me laugh! I know from tons of firsthand experience that all these video-systems improvements only serve AFTER the fact. They don't help casino dealers and supervisors against cheating WHILE the cheating is actually going on. Why is this so true? Because good casino cheats know how to offset surveillance systems. What they do is employ strategy setups with built-in psychology that fool the human beings on the casinos' floors so that video surveillance never comes into play. Don't forget, I am talking about skilled casino-cheat teams. The cameras will of course catch the scores of amateur and desperado cheats, but a talented cheat doing moves such as the fabled blackjack ten-oh-five will overcome whatever improvements are made to security and surveillance.

The point I'm making is that casinos, if they truly want to stop or reduce the success of the real professional cheats, need to have their HUMAN BEINGS trained in the art of casino cheating. This way their staff will know WHEN to call surveillance for video verifications.