Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shame on Daniel Negreanu For Calling Baseball "Complete Garbage"!

If you've read Daniel Negreanu's latest article for Card Player, you know that he wrote an unbridled attack against Major League Baseball. He actually had the gall to call it "complete garbage"! I have one comment to make on him (and his article).

Daniel Negreanu is an ASSHOLE!

Why am I so upset with him? Well, let's start with his article because there is more than just that and the fact he takes himself for some kind of sports and sports-betting guru. He states that baseball is garbage because the Yankees and the Red Sox buy up all the talented free agents and therefore take all the competitiveness out of the game. WRONG! Despite the Red Sox and the Yankees winning three of the last six World Series, there is still plenty of competition in baseball, lots of it coming from teams that do not have big bankrolls to buy free agents. All Negreanu has to do to see this reality is take a look at the Minnesota Twins and Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Look, I understand that baseball has been affected by free agency more than other professional sports, but baseball--just like poker, Danny Boy, is a business. And, while we're on the subject, I find it terribe that poker is even considered a sport and that a poker pro takes it upon himself to blog about his opinions on sports and betting on sports.

Speaking of which, Negreanu is so quick to criticize baseball and question its credibility, but does he tell you about all the COMPLETE GARBAGE that he's involved in? Take a look at his mug playing High Stakes Poker on the Game Show Network. Talk about complete garbage! Negreanu doesn't tell you or write about how full of shit that is. Instead he lets you and me believe that he, Sam Farha, Brunson, Jennifer Harmon and the rest of them are really playing for all those hundreds of thousands, instead of telling us the truth that its all hyped-up bullshit for ratings and big money for them for their TV appearances. He also doesn't mention that any money won or lost at the High Stakes Poker Table is just for show, whether or not the network execs are in on it. In fact, if you want to read the real facts about High Stakes Poker, click here for my article on it that has appeared in several poker magazines.

So in short, Negreanu, why don't you just stick to your poker and keep your mouth shut about stuff you know nothing about...or about scams like High Stakes Poker that you participate in.