Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Casino and Poker Cheating Alert!

Poker and Casino Cheats: Get your asses to Singapore! But don't get caught!

Today, April 27, Singapore's second giant casino opened. It's the Sands Marina Bay Casino, and like the first giant casino that opened in Singapore, Sentosa's Resort World Casino, it will be extremely ripe for those heapin' cheatin' pickin's. The Resort World Casino has been getting the shit kicked out of it by professional cheat teams that have descended on it from all over the world. Only one of these teams has been busted to date, due to a foolishness that really surprised me. That particular French/Spanish team was guilty of continuing to work the casino when they knew they had heat from payoffs on previous cheat moves.

Like its sister casino, the Sands Marina Bay is completely staffed with inexperienced people and with a surveillance department that will be relying completely on its video cameras. No one up in the eye-in-the-sky has a clue to spot moves on their own, which means that the good cheat teams will just beat them up on the casino floor and the eye will never be called into play, except when the amateur cheats do their stupid rank moves and the rats snitch them out.

How long will these two casino candy stores stay sweet for cheats? At least a year...enjoy it while you can!