Friday, March 19, 2010

What Do I Think of the Casino Scams on the UK BBC TV Show "The Real Hustle"?

To say it in a word: TERRIBLE! None of the three protagonists, Alexis Conran, Paul Wilson and Jessica-Jane Clement, have the slightest casino or poker cheat know-how regardless of what it says in their biographies. Their casino and poker scams, which can all be viewed on YouTube, are all elementary and at times are portrayed with inaccuracies. They have even gone as low as to portray card-counting on one of their episodes, as if we haven't already seen enough of this. Their casino and poker scams lack originality if nothing else.

It appears to me that the show's scams and hustles, are simply written up to suit the characters. However, I must say that some of their pickpocket and beating-restaurant-check scams are entertaining. A funny thing is that The Real Hustle's producers contacted me back in 2007 when they were filming segments of the casino stuff in Las Vegas. They assumed I would be glad to work with them and consult for free. When I told them my TV fee was a mere $1,000 per day, they balked. Then, since I was already in Vegas on another gig, unbeknownst to them, I offered to work for them for $500 a day. They never responded.

The Real Hustle TV Show is also CHEAP!