Saturday, March 13, 2010

Singapore Resorts World Casino Cheating Becoming More Brash!

One form of casino cheating probably thought of by every single person who has ever entered a casino, both legit gamblers and cheats alike, is simply grabbing up a handful of big denomination casino chips right off a blackjack or craps table and stuffing them in your pocket, and then bolting for the door if someone happens to see you in the act!

Well, Singapore's new Resorts World Sentosa Casino has gotten its first taste of this. Not nearly as professional as my Harley-Davidson grab-the-chips-and-run exploits of 1980s, this 56-year-old fledgling casino cheat in Singapore, Ooi Boon Huat, allegedly pocketed ten $500 chips from a mini-baccarat table belonging to another player.

Ooi told the judge that he wasn't guilty because the player would have lost the chips to the casino anyway! Well, I imagine the judge cracked up upon hearing that, and unless the judge really hates casinos, I don't think he's gonna buy Ooi's excuse. He did tell the casino chip thief, "I know you like to go to the casino but please keep away." That was worth a laugh from me!

In addition to that advice, Ooi faces up to three years in prison.