Sunday, March 21, 2010

Latest Claim to Casino Riches Using Roulette Computers...Perfected Pen Transmitters...Any Good?

It seems that the least effective method for cheating casinos still generates the most interest from those wanna-be casino cheats. Of course I am talking about roulette computers. Ever since the UK Ritz roulette computer scam went down in 2004, people have been e-mailing me steadily with queries about how they can get into operation with a roulette computer and get rich quick.

The truth is that the Ritz roulette scammers made a nice score, more than US $3 million, and that several other teams made scores, mostly in the UK as well. But casinos have picked up on this the last five or six years, rendering roulette computers virtually useless in brick and mortar casinos.

Now Mark Anthony Howe, who is either the number-one or number-two scammer in the industry, depending whether you believe him or the other number-one or number-two scammer in the industry, Stefano Hourmouzis, is claiming that he has perfected a roulette computer pen transmitter that will put millions in your pocket cheating casinos.

Claiming that you can covertly click the pen transmitter by moving a switch 0.3mm without the risk of being picked up by casino scanners, and that your computer doesn't even have to be in the building while you are, Howe claimes that his is the only way of taking safe reliable readings of spinning roulette balls. Plus he says that the camouflage is so great that you can hide the pen in your cigarette pack or even bare it in front of the surveillance cameras as casinos do not panic seeing pens on the table. In fact, Howe points out, casinos gladly supply you pens so that you can keep track of results and chart your foolish betting systems.

What do I think? Well Mark is certainly right about the casinos giving you pens and not panicking at the sight of them on the roulette layout...But I think that Mark Howe and Stefano Hourmouzis could do everyone a big favor...that is play a game of RUSSIAN roulette with each other and have NO empty chambers in their revolvers.

That's one roulette spin I'm really looking forward to!!!