Thursday, March 04, 2010

Good Casino Cheats Usually Go For the Toughest Moves

People ask me whether casino cheats select the easiest moves or the more difficult ones, thinking the obvious that the easier moves can be performed without much difficulty but might encounter problems getting paid because casino personnel already know about them. The truth of the matter is that the easy moves are usually done by amateur teams while the toughies are the work of experienced professional cheat teams. This is especially true of roulette, the casino table game where the most cheating goes on. If you look at a roulette layout, you probably understand without much cheating knowledge that the easier moves are done at the bottom of the table, the point farthest from the dealer. This is completely true, and 75 to 85% of roulette moves happen there. The most common are pastposts and pinches, the latter being when losing bets are "pinched" off the layout before the dealer can sweep them off.

Good and professional roulette cheat teams, like mine of course, often worked the top of the roulette layout, sometimes directly under the dealers' noses. When a successful pastpost or other cheat move is performed high on the layout like that, the dealer and the supervisor find it difficult to believe that the cheat move was indeed a cheat move. On several occasions I heard dealers and pitbosses say things like "That couldn't have been a move, it was right under our noses!" LOL and I LOL´d when that happened! And to make these top-wheel moves even better, no obvious distractions were used to turn the dealer's head. These type of distractions take the beauty out of the move and sometimes alert the pit that it was indeed a move. We always went up top naked, and the results were devastating to the casinos.

However, I must mention that the best roulette move of all time, the Savannah move, was done at the bottom of the wheel. This was an exception to the rule of the higher the better.