Friday, February 05, 2010

Yet ANOTHER Vietnamese Inside Dealer Cheating Scam!

Barely three weeks after I wrote an article about whether or not Vietnamese were being unfairly singled out as casino cheats, especially from the inside as employees, I just got news that another pair of Vietnamese women (seems more Viet. women than Viet. men are into casino cheating these days) have been arrested in New Orleans doing a rank dealer/player overpay-and-not-take-the-losers blackjack scam.

The dealer, Tam T. Tran, 50, of Avondale, LA, and the player, Thanh T. Nguyen, 44, of Bridge City, LA, were charged with bilking the Boomtown Casino for a thousand bucks. The exact charges were grand theft of more than $500 and cheating a casino by swindling, both felonies in Louisiana.

The state police were called in when surveillance inspectors at the casino noticed the cheat moves on surveillance video of the two women playing blackjack. Tran was clearly overpaying to Nguyen and not picking up her losing chips.

Please please me! This is a horribly amateurish scam that has to get caught quickly. If you Vietnamese ladies are gonna continue to cheat casinos, please come up with something a little more creative! If you don't get what I mean, try reading up on your fellow comrades in casino cheating...and for you Ms. Tran, your namesake...the TRAN ORGANIZATION!