Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Negative or Counterproductive Casino Surveillance and Security

What does this mean? Well, it is when casino and poker room surveillance staffs (floor staffs as well) screw up and create problems for their poker rooms and casinos. For instance, you may have noticed that lately there have been several lawsuits filed against poker rooms and casinos across the US by people who have been detained and even arrested for committing casino and gambling crimes only to have been found innocent upon further investigation by the casinos and poker rooms themselves, and then let go.

These HUGE errors in judgement by casino staffs, almost always by surveilance people, cost their casinos lots of money. Lawsuits like this are always open-and-shut cases with the plaintiffs walking out of court with between $50,000 and $500,000 depending upon the size and power of the casino involved, as well, of course, as the judge or jury.

Casino surveillance staffs are supposed to safeguard the casino's assets, which in turn is supposed to save the casino money that would end up in poker cheats' and casino cheats' pockets. But when people are detained and arrested for cheating and then let go (which is far worse for the casino than being found innocent in court), the surveillance operation proves to be negative or counterproductive.

The main reason for these horrific lapses in casino surveillance and security is simply that the huge majority of their staffs are trained by people, the so-called "game protection consultants," who really have no clue about real casino surveillance themselves.

This is why the casinos who do not use my training seminars ought to be calling me instead of the incompetent people they hire to teach them surveillance academics and game protection.