Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Is Ladbrokes Casino's New Live Dealer Blackjack Any Safer or Riskier Than Regular Online Blackjack as far as Cheating is Concerned?

Absolutely not. Although Ladbrokes Casino regularly appears as one of the safest all-around online casinos on my Top-10 Safest anti-cheat online casinos list, their new live dealer blackjack games do not make it any more or less riskier as far as cheating is concerned.

Here's an article by gamingsupermarket.com about Ladbrokes' live dealer blackjack:

Ladbrokes Casino has some exciting things going on for those that love live blackjack. Now, the online casino features a live dealer blackjack game. At the present time, this is the most life like blackjack game that you can find in any online casino. This game has been made possible by Microgaming, a leader in the development of online casino software.

This new blackjack game has some features that are new to online blackjack. The first of these is a feature known as bet behind. With this feature, you have the capability to make wagers on players that are seated at the blackjack table. Therefore, if you happen to observe a blackjack player that seems to have a good grasp of the game and plays well, you can choose to bet your money on his performance rather than actually playing the game yourself. Keep in mind that with this bet behind feature, you have no way of actually interacting with the chosen blackjack player. You will not be able to tell them how to play their hand. This is the same as in live land based casinos.

The other feature that is part of Ladbrokes’s latest blackjack offering is the waiting list. As the name implies, it is a waiting list for a specific blackjack dealer. You would add your name to the list and wait until a seat is open. What is nice about this feature is you can enjoy other casino gaming while on the waiting list. Names are added to the waiting list on a first come, first served basis. Playing while waiting is much more enjoyable than watching a table continually for a free seat to become available.

Along another line, this live dealer blackjack game also adds other aspects to the game in order to make a most realistic blackjack experience. The addition of video streaming technology permits players to see their hands being dealt by a live dealer. Secondly, this technology allows players to interact not only with the dealer but also one another. For those gamblers holding out for a more real life blackjack experience, this is the game for you!