Friday, February 05, 2010

iPoker Network Reneging On Huge Jackpot Promotion...Online Poker Players Call "Foul!"...and Cheating!

It's all here in's Jagajeet Chiba´s article.

"One of the world's largest online poker networks has come under fire of late for policies related to the discouraging of high stakes long term winning poker players as customers, a policy approved of by one of iPoker's largest brands, Chili Poker. Just the other day I posted Chili Poker CEO's chilling email about this policy here on the website, conplete with broken English and bad grammatical errors.

Now comes word that the iPoker Network is reportedly reneging on a promotion which offered $160,000 as its grand prize. Our friends at write that the folks at are calling iPoker out and they want answers. So does THIS journalist!

"In the promotion, called the Fort Knox SNG Jackpot, players had one goal, to win 6 consecutive 6-max sit and go poker tournaments. The original author of the thread, someone whose handle is bigbrennan claims that he won the required amount of tournaments in succession, without cheating but was denied of the prize.

"In a lengthy post calling out to the online poker community, bigbrennan detailed all of the aspects of the promotion gone wrong. Under the terms of the promotion, all he needed to do was win six consecutive sit and go's at the $50 buy in level with he accomplished in the middle stages of 2009. "However, after conducting an investigation, iPoker ruled that he colluded with other players in the game and has steadfastly refused to pay him out the jackpot amount.

"The reasons iPoker pointed to were more than the expected number of UK-based players, where the original poster is from, and some strange plays from some opponents who they deemed were dumping off chips. After filing formal appeals, both through himself and through his staking interest,, iPoker has refused to budge on the issue and thus nullifying his win. In addition, they promptly closed his account and barred him from playing on the site.

"Bigbrennan's story has caused scores of responses from other posters, most of whom are sympathetic towards his cause. Many posters offered suggestion to him on possible action plans, some involving litigation. All the posters seem to agree however, that without some kind of action, the situation will likely go on, unresolved."

Perhaps iPoker is in the right and they have proof that can be submitted to I won't hold my breath though.

Herein lies the problem: Any online poker room can now use a similar excuse as a way of NOT paying out a winning jackpot. And - trust your ‘ol pal Jagajeet here - THEY WILL. As such, this won't be the last time we are reading about such a thing on the pages of

The almighty Microgaming continues to ignore our friend J. Todd on the issue of its online casino cutting off "lifetime" affiliates. Why? Microgaming doesn't have to answer to anybody because there was so little call to action outside of J. Todd's well produced videos.

The "independent" (Jagajeet laughs) eCOGRA claims now to have received over 50 complaints regarding Microgaming-powered Bella Vegas/Grand Prive Online Casino after electing to endorse this group for the past year amidst all the complaints. I'm sure they will work diligently to address this issue....maybe by 2016. These snakes posing as operators (a la Grand Prive) are your friend if you are told their venom is ninety percent protein, then you come to find out that one bite can kill twenty people or one elephant. is a great site but, until other venues (including start getting the word out about these practices, certain operators will continue to do whatever they please without accountability hoping none of this discussion spills beyond the confines of TwoPlusTwo and ends up on...say...60 Minutes."