Wednesday, February 24, 2010

First Singapore Casino Cheating Bust! It Was a Pastpost Move.

According to the Casino Crime Investigation Branch for Singapore, Loo Siew Wan, 53, is the first person charged with a table games crime at the Resorts World Sentosa casino.

Congratulations, Loo! Somebody had to be IT! LOL!

He has been charged with five crimes related to his pastpost attempt: attempted cheating, cheating by impersonation, theft and giving false information to the police upon his interrogation.

He allegedly tried his cheat move on a casino dealer at one of the Casino's baccarat tables. He placed two SD $100 chips on the 'banker' after the cards had been dealt and the banker already won the hand. This was not a chip-switch move, which would have been better, but simply an amateurish attempt of slapping $200 down on banker and hoping the dealer wouldn't notice it was a late bet.

He also allegedly entered the casino illegally (which seems to be Singapore's casino's biggest problem thus far, as dozens have been busted for entering on false pretenses) by posing as Loh Siow Kok, who happens to be his brother. He used the brother's drivers license to get in.

He was then charged with another crime when he again showed the brother's driver's license to police inspectors called to the scene. He was then charged with stealing his brother's license! LOL! Some brother this guy is!!!...I mean Loo, the casino cheat/thief, not Loh, the brother/victim.

Bail was set at SD $15,000 for all of the above.

My take: This guy went through an awful lot to get himself busted doing a rank amateur move. Better luck with the next stolen ID he uses!