Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Facebook Poker Cheats! What's the Jig?

As you might imagine, I get tons of e-mails asking me about Facebook Texas Hold'em Poker Cheating. It seems everyone and his grandmom want to become Facebook Poker Cheats. I mean, come on, what is this crap?! It's hard to believe that Facebook Poker Cheats or Cheating Facebook Poker has more search engine results than any other form of poker cheats or poker cheating search. And what for? If you've got nothing better to do than look for software that's gonna allow you to rack up cheated Facebook Poker points, I suggest two possible courses of action for you. ONE is ditch the Facebook cheating and become a REAL online or brick and mortar poker room cheat. The OTHER is...Get a Life!

Or of course, jump off the Pokerwhannee Bridge!